lockmgr_sleep() (was Re: ssleep() (was Re: mention msleep() in porting_drivers.txt))

Aggelos Economopoulos aoiko at cc.ece.ntua.gr
Thu May 8 15:57:54 PDT 2008

On Friday 09 May 2008, Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
> > On Saturday 26 January 2008, Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
> >> So what's the verdict? Veto still on? Need to know in order to submit a 
patch :)
> > 
> > Yet another ping.
> Pick one and put it in :)

Well, I have picked one months ago and explained why. Matt disagreed, I 
offered counter-arguments (see quoted discussion). If he's got something more
convincing to respond with, I want to know. After all, we're (supposed to be)
changing the interface to make it better not to make it the way *I* like it :)

That said, I *am* going to time out before my ping counter wraps around :)


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