Journaling patches

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at
Thu Jan 25 03:17:07 PST 2007

	The first attached patch (jscan_patches) makes the -D option of
jscan work. It includes tests that the directory actually exists. Apply
within /usr/src/sbin/jscan

	The second attached patch (vfs_journal.c.patch) removes the
leading / from paths in the journal that has crept in due to changes in
namecache behaviour (it makes the path generation ignore namecache entries
with 0 length names). Apply within /usr/src/sys/kern.

	With these two patches applied I have been happily hammering a
journal mirror in a vkernel with no ill effects (but it has made me realise
that I really should think of a way to limit the number of old journal
files that are kept before I start to use this in anger).

	Having the journal appears to reduce the filesystem performance to
about one third of it's unjournaled level however some of that is probably
due to the journal being on the same disc as the filesystem.

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