RealTek 8169S/8110S support.

Gary Allan dragonfly at
Sat Dec 24 02:46:29 PST 2005

Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
I have merged the missing inclusion of if_rereg.h in into following
updated patch:
If you have time, please test it

On 12/24/05, Gary Allan wrote:
main issues.

DragonFly is missing a mii_phy_update() function so I wrote an
rge_phy_update() replacement. I'm not sure this is 100% correct.
The card would not auto-negotiate a 1Gbit connection. I increased the
auto-negotiation interval to 17 seconds from five which solved the 
I still use 5 sec as interval value in the updated patch.  It works
fine with my TP-Link 1000M switch.  Pleae let me know if it does not
work for your re(4)

I've installed and tested your patch and everything is working as 
expected. I have two RealTek 8169S cards connected via a crossover cable 
and have not been able to reproduce the auto-negotiation issues I was 
experiencing previously with my patch. (At 5 seconds the negotiation 
process would restart before it had a chance to complete causing a loop.)

I've found the links to the commits that change the auto-negotiation 
timeout to 17 seconds for gigE cards. This is the setting used by other 
gigE drivers such as nsgphy.c and is why I tried this value.

nsgphy.c Revision
Minimal patch to get NetGear622 talking to cisco gigE switches.

mii_physubr.c Revision 1.16
Increase gigE negotiation timeout to 17 seconds.

10 seconds is not enough to negotiate a gigE link with a cisco switch 
which holds carrier off for several seconds between tries.



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