Rework of nrelease

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Dec 9 12:33:13 PST 2005

:>     binary packages directory sitting on
:>     Also, the 'check' target and the other convenience targets (to
:>     fetch and configure pkgsrc and/or fetch required packages) need
:>     to remain intact.  I don't want programmers to be forced to use
:>     obscure -D<LABEL> names to build common targets.  The check target
:>     in particular is very important as it prevents the user from having
:>     to run through an entire buildworld before being told that something
:>     is missing.
:Added compatibility targets installer_* (yes, I'd like to remove them at
:some point in the future), added basic check target.
:If no further objections occur, I'll commit this tomorrow.
:If someone wants to update the cgi installer configuration, I'll provide
:the package for that as well.

    That's looking better but the check code needs to be beefed up.  
    Someone running 'make installer_release' on a pristine system needs
    to be told by the check code exactly what is needed before the build
    occurs.  As in cut-and-paste, just like the current nrelease build
    does.  You can either echo-out the appropriate command that the user
    need to run, or you can provide a make target that gets the required
    material.   This includes the installation of /etc/mk.conf. 


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